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Company profile page for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information Tulsa Oklahoma, October 25th, 2013....Store #10675. Nikki,Freddie,Kedrea <<< Freddie the cook harrassed me yesterday right when I got there & he started his crap with me stating why didn't I not talk to him the whole week.& he just kept on yelling at me & calling me 2 hateful names that I'm not.One of the hateful names are Bitch & retard. Thanks and No thanks. I was handed a box of chicken, then, the other employee asked if I ordered spicy or mild. Seriously happened??? At one point I stopped going. When things are broke he don't get them fix right away or don't get them fix at all. SMS is an operator owned cooperative that provides exclusive supply chain services for Popeyes Louisiana Chicken (the “Brand”). My point is that this is a rather unsanitary condition without proper PPE - the cans had not been cleaned in two days .... and why not, no one else did it when he had some time off? I handed the woman a $20. This is one of the largest chains of quick-serve restaurants, which owns over 1800 restaurants. I started working for one particular Popeye's with high hopes and a eager spirit to learn. LAST NIGHT I WAS IN THE STORE AS A CUSTOMER AND I ASK FOR BISCUITS TO BE DROP BREANA TOLD ELIZABETH NOT TO DROP IT, I SAID BUT I AM A CUSTOMER AND IF A CUSTOMER ASK FOR THEM TO BE DROPPED, THIS IS A SERVICE WE, POPEYE DOES FOR A PAYING CUSTOMER..I AM A GOOD EMPLOYEE ONE ANY BUSINESS WOULD WANT TO HAVE AND I FEEL I AM BEING TREATED WAY UNFAIR. So now there is only two vehicles in front of me. Popeyes was founded in 1972, its offerings centered on New Orleans-style fried chicken. I then drove away. I don't want the way i was let go happen to the next person. He has told his employees not to communicate with the other co-owners. He loves working at popeyes. To be honest, the experience I had makes me not want to return. Reply 0 0. I won't be giving my money to Popeyes. He had been with them for some years and this is his second go round.well he has been coming home frustrated, depressed because a co worker, an asstant manager has been saying rude things behind his back to other workers. After 10 minutes I hung up and wrote this review. I will not ever go to this location again. Visit Customer Care Contact Form. I could not believe what I was seeing! That never happened. My ticked showed a time of 6:01pm. This must be blamed on their franchise owner, because it has gone on since they opened. Finally at 6:20pm, two employees with orders unlock the door and proceed to my car. Get access to exclusive coupons. THESE WINGS WERE SO SMALL NEVER SEEN WINGS THAT SMALL EVEN THE GIRL SAID THEY WERE VERY SMALL BUT SHE COULD NOT DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, NO MORE POPEYES FOR US. Ever think of 'Undercover customers', as well as 'undercover employees'?Anyway, I wanted to comment on the section where the janitor and "Pam" were cleaning the garbage cans. Most important let him take care of the situation. l. They (all employees) routinely stand in the back doorway and smoke cigarettes then return to their duties without washing, cigarette butts outside the back door (on the ground) will prove this. SCHOTTENHEIMERA@YAHOO.COM. WHAT ARE CORPORATE VEIWS ON MANAGEMENT DATING UNDERAGE EMPLOYEES? Popeyes’s headquarters are in 20690 NW 2ND AVE, Miami, Florida, 33169, United States What is Popeyes’s phone number? We were hungry and decided to stop off for a couple of poor boy's and fries. I told her that I have been waiting in line since 5:45pm. & makin me talk to freddie when I don't get made to or told to talk to anybody.& Plus got harrassed of bein put in ruth cooper that they were gonna put me in there if I didn't quit lieing.On which it's all the truth & nothing but the truth.& almost cost me my job as of yesterday afternoon. I have also know that he has employees that have been working with him since the first open about four years now that don't get pay what they should get paid. She needs to be removed from her position due to the nature of her behavior and improper communication skills. Every location i go to has nothing but Mexicans working, and can speak English, hmmm how sad to Americas future... call immigration I bet Popeye's will respond. WHEN I FIRST STARTED I WAS WORKING 5 TO 9 AND SOME 6 TO 10, AS WE GOT INTO THE SCHOOL YEAR WORKING TILL 10 BECAME DIFFICULT FOR ME AND MY PARENTS SAID I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO WORK TILL TEN. sometimes they won't even ask for your order, they'll just wait for you to say hello. YOU might get a good DEAL on the property and equipment ? Hello this need to be looked at immediately, I am a former employee of the Popeyes that is located in Pittsburgh Pa. Reading the reviews, this looks like it's normal behavior for this company. called last week in reference to a survey I took and someone was supposed to return the call. I was watching the show and started craving some chicken so My wife and I knew we could get in and out quickly (right) we went to the drive through placed our order and there were two cars in front of us that was told to pull over to the side and will bring it to you, Then we were told the same. Have him go through the chain of command...do not go directly to the owner. Popeyes #11305, San Antonio TX. I heard her yell at an employee in the background which was definitely a no no. Access the headquarters listing for Popeye's here BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. IF YOUR CUSTOMER HAS AN ATTITUDE YOU BETTER NOT HAVE ONE BACK IF YOU LIKE THE 7.25/HR YOUR GETTING!!! When I told him not to handle my food he told me I should not be ordering fast food. I was watching TV before going to your store and they were still advertising the special. SMS currently serves over 2,700 restaurants operating in 27 countries, representing over a Billion Dollars of annual spend. We had gone to one of the stores for years once or twice a week love the chicken livers. I told the clerk she didn't give me my change. a month. He was extremely rude not only to customers but his co workers as well. I live in Az, however, on Thursday June 19 2014, I was bringing my husband home from Ca after having surgery. There were two vehicles in the front of that car waiting at the drive-up window. Now if I wanted that I could have got out of my car and entered the front door. ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Popeyes Customer Service. There are currently 8 consumer reviews about Popeyes available. All comments with swear words will be deleted, even abbreviated swear words. I feel thats wrong and havent been working in 3 weeks n dont think thats fair because i never got in trouble there in order get fire thought you gotta have three write ups for that but i just wanted my job back got fired for no reason dont want anyone to get in trouble i might just get a layer to look into this because i wanted to grow with the company but git fired for no reason. The manager, Salvatore, says he balanced the money til and said he balanced out. IF THIS IS HOW EMPLOYEES ARE TO BE TREATED THEN I SEE WHY WE HAVE SUCH A LARGE TURN OVER.ANY HELP OR ASSISTANCE WOULD GREATLY BE APPRECIATED, I ENJOY MY JOB AND DON\T WANT TO LEAVE, BUT I ALSO VALUE ME AND MY TIME AND DON'T WANT TO BE TREATED SO UNFAIRLY.SINCERELYANGEL COMAS, New Albany Ms popeyes manager has an attitude problem towards coworkers I think the owner needs to come and straighten this store out also Th eres too much entire playing in this store I really don't appreciate being treated like I'm being treated. She needs to get it together and learn what's appropriate and what's not appropriate. See if the manager will take care of the situation...give it a couple of weeks and if the problems don't stop go to his boss. HE must make it very clear that he loves his job and doesn't want to lose it or quit but the actions of the ast. Each and every tuesday we go this popeye's 99 cent night the chicken is burnt and store is nasty and you wait 1 hour for you order to be filled. It seems as if this asst is putting pressure by making comments such as we are hiring new people and this and that. "A soft answer turneth away wrath". Skin flint organization. Its sad when you cant order because the people working are illegal, and can speak English, hmm do i hear law suite. a. Popeyes corporate office listing. When inquiring about an order, please include your order number, your first & last name, and contact phone number within your email to us. everytime I leave the doctor I fax my paperwork to HR. We waited about 5 minutes, in the meantime, I walked back up to the open drive thru window asked for honey...I saw the employees drinking pop and bs ing...hello no wonder your times are bad and you all try to look productive.Once the same woman who took the order brought the other womans who was waiting I heard..."We were waitin on biscuits", again no respect, no cares for anyones time or wait she then handed me my food w/ no explanation, apology or thanks for my wait...but instead I got a glare and she then looked back again and I asked what are you looking at...she said I can look. He has lost alot of good employees due to the way he treats and under pay his workers. I watched Undercover Boss last night and I thought what was shown depicted a caring company, however after reading these comments I'm not sure enough stores were visited. (Validation # 01041502893 if anyone else wants to use it, be my guest, because I will NOT be a guest of POPEYES any longer. (There is only one worker there who who actually tries to do a good job. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen review from Martinez, Georgia rated 1.0/5.0 with 75 Comments: ... Didn’t need the straw the soda was foul tasting and to top everything else the store won’t answer phone and the district manager alma Villanueva won’t answer phone either my order number is #23. f. Diners OFTEN are left without no napkins, no sporks, no straws, no condiments. I will never patronize another Popeyes again! No thanks. You can have the one sun city center florida. Just know that if u want to see a true horror show, come on down to the Popeye's in Sun City Center, FL! Our goal is to satisfy our customers' demands and exceed expectations for the products and services each brand offers. it's 8:01 and we are still sitting outside waiting, 8:10pm now and my wife was going crazy so she went inside to get the order and we get home to find out it was not right I'll stop here because it's getting me upset all over again. Nampa, Idaho franchise shift manager called me a b$#ch and threatened to beat my head to the ground till I am dead. Warner Robins GAI keep reading all the complaints and disappointments in Popeye's and I am sad to say that I join them. Some of the workers are just trying to keep their jobs and the other are as unprofessional as she is. He will be respected by others for taking the time to handle the mess, not his mom. I'm surprised she was so clean after she had to bend over and her forehead and hair were inside the can and she must have had it touch her waist as she reached down to scrape the can bottom. I went to the restaurant on laBrea and centinela ave,. No wonder there is no place on their site to complain! Learn more about Popeyes Corporate Office. I am about to submit my official letter to the corporate office. However I continued to work there because I was told when hired that I was being hired for an Assist Management job. ALL WE HAVE IS A MCDONALDS OR WENDYS. would LOVE to see you open a Restaurant right HERE in the middle of our small S/W Missouri town.....As LUCK would have it, Our KFC just shut down. At this time, the one car in the front of me was driving from the pick up window ... but wait. I purposely ate here for 10 days straight, dined inside and observed. Even when I fell on the job, I keep to myself about how much pain I was in because I needed to get through training, but they were never training me they just keep telling me lies. After recieving our order, I went up and asked for a Ranch and a BBQ sauce, I was told they charge .11 cents each, no problem, I went and got a quarter out of my purse(I didn't even expect change). I want express my disappointment in Popeye's store #3586. Management needs to be more involved in the stores day-to-day affairs. When I asked for a roll of toilet paper for the restroom, she rolled her eyes at me and took forever "in the back" to produce and replace the empty container. I found myself crying in the cooler more times then I want to count. Coporate needs to investigate. Jose need to find a new job, he doesn't need to work with the public at all. With less than 1 year experience in food service, even I spotted numerous violations. great food.... terrible service. Topeka Kansas has the worst management.. nearly as bad as the corporate customer care line. Since this must be her first job, Im gonna break it down to you...THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS, I REPEAT ALWAYS RIGHT. the gm is out, but there is one on call you would say an acting gm. BUT THIS IS BULL I WILL NEVER WORK FOR ANY POPEYES DESTRICT . It has been difficult and intimidating as well as being a hostile work environment. j. Depends on if the one you worked at is franchise or a store owned and operated by Reasturant Brands Incorporation. Yeah my name is Heather Tollison I need to file a complaint that I got harrassed by the cook & by the manager & the manager's daughter.these are the name's that I got harassed by. This time I went inside. The reason for this correspondence is unfortunately NOT pleasant at all. & Just kept on arguing at me & tellin me that I supposely got 2 of the employee's in trouble & I didn't do nothing of the sort.Then freddie got his bigger cousin nikki to talk to me about the same situation of not talkin to freddie the whole week. I HAD BEEN WORKING MORE HOUR A WEEK AND MY HOURS WERE CUT DRASTICALLY. Now I am on Popeye's Corporate site and as soon as I am finished with this, I will be going on FACEBOOK and telling people about the service at POPEYES IN ST MATINVILLE, LA.My e mail address is [email protected]. I didn't get to tell her my sides. k. Small child (I'm guessing) it was an employees child running loose in the back where food preparation was taking place. And my dirty rice really tasted like dirt. I WILL NEVER BE BACK TO THIS LOCATION THAT REALLY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN, FUNNY HOW U WANT TO LEAVE A COMMENT BUT ONCE YOUR DONE IT STATES ONLY WITH APPROVAL WILL THIS BE POSTED, WHAT A CROCK! View Popeyes (popeyes.com.sg) location in Singapore , revenue, industry and description. HELLO I HAVE KIDS IN THE CAR!!!!! I really am so tired and frustrated. We have complained about this very thing in the past and it's still something that continues to happen. If you paid online and require a refund, and you're unable to contact Popeyes Fried Chicken please contact Datman LTD on 03330 165548 If your order is late, incorrect, or you're not happy with the order, please contact us directly on 01925871575. WAS VERY GOOD. I am on restriction from work, and have not been compensated yet while im injured. I would never eat there. The assist manager and i almost quit that day... HMMM ya .. I love Popeyes for years,I I donot eat pork! ? Phone Number +4044594450 Founded in Atlanta in 1992 as AFC Enterprises, Inc., the Company is a developer, operator and franchisor of quick-service restaurants ("QSRs" or "restaurants") under the trade name, Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen and Popeyes® Chicken & Biscuits. WE " Love that Chicken from POPEYE'S " Thanks for listening. why i say this? I would not refer my friends or family to patronize that location e EVER as long as she is working there... Get it together or get fired because there are many other people in the unemployment line that would be mpore than happy to have your job and do it the right way!!!!! Thinking that since I live only 2 miles away, the chicken would be hot. I am watching Undercover Boss right now and am appalled that the I wonder what REALLY HAS TO HAPPEN BEFORE SOMEBODY DOES SOMETHING. I called 911 and have a police report to back this up. d. Employee (female) used restroom, left the stall, barely touched her fingers into running water, then proceeded back to the food line. when you get to the window it looks very unoganized,too many people , messy they curse in front of customers.that store needs a complete make-over. HE WAS MAD BECAUSE WE ASKED FOR LEGS. I just watched Undercover Boss on television which featured Popeye's CTO, I don't usually watch realtiy shows but this episode was wonderful. I'd like someone to contact me regarding this matter. However I can say because of my experience I will never consider working at another one. We went to the store 11736. It made me feel unwelcome. The crew member that had took our order was Edward. However, sometimes staff from Popeyes headquarters do read the reviews on this website. Tired of seeing my son so upset and depressed. The manager Vannesa is the most unreasonable person there. They will try tricking u by giving u something u did not order I have tried this place 6 times because they r the only chicken place around. They were lying about the reasons they fire their employees and cut back hours of the best employees and give it to the ones who didn't learn anything.. Liars and bad employees. When we called the first time, we were told to bring back the receipt and they would straighten out the order. TOOK 30 MINUTES TO GET A EAT IN ORDER FOR JUST MY WIFE AND I, AND THEY FINALLY GAVE IT TO US :TO GO:. This review will be public, so please do not post any of your personal information on this website. Initial Popeyes complaints should be directed to their team directly. The updated look features a simplified, more mature version of the classic logo, which has only seen minor tweaks since Popeyes was founded in 1972. The person behind us in line wanted the same thing. . Brands ' KFC.The chain boasts more than 2,300 locations in the US and in more than 25 other countries. I also would like to know if this location is reopening!!!! could you corporate guys please look into putting a popeyes BACK IN ST,PAUL MINNESOTA THERE IS ONLY 1 IN THIS WHOLE DANG STATE ITS RIDICULOUS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LOOK IN THIS. I would go there but I don't eat at the dump!!! the nearest one is Akron,Ohio. EVER! Fortunately, I had the bag of food with me and took everything out to show her it wasn't in the bag. Store # 10573 is the worst Popeyes Chicken I have ever order form. Ingrid Chase - Posted on: July 23, 2013. Well when we go we ordered for a family of 6 guess money is no object for this company. Bill, she went away and came back with my soda, then left again and came back with my food. Why does Popeyes discriminate against other races in there t.v. I agree with both of these statements. He underpays his employees. h. Employees are rude. This company's recipe for success features fried chicken and biscuits. If you would like to contact the corporate offices of Popeyes, please use their contact information such as their phone number, website, and address listed above to contact them. BRIANA TOLD MY BROTHER THAT UNTIL I CAN WORK LATER SHE WOULD ONLY GIVE ME ONE DAY A WEEK, AGAIN SCHOOL IS OUT SO I CAN WORK LONGER. All the other customers waiting in line were horrified and we were all very uncomfortable with her screaming. I moved to a small town in Georgia called Millen which has a Popeye's, this particular franchise has proven itself over and over again to be the nastiest, filthiest and most poorly managed restaurant I have ever visited in my 52 years! See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Corporate Office Of Popeyes Chicken locations in … I pulled to the other side of the building and waited for my order. Now come on, I am not racist, but this appeared to be blatant racism to me. I am from New Orleans but I live in California. tmatt[email protected]. Something needs to be done about that location or that rep. His,attitudes towards customers needs to be improved or not work in a customer service industry. No towels, no soap, didn't even get her hands wet (fingertips only). When I returned home, (2 miles away), I opened the container of coleslaw and found that the container was only 1/2 filled with coleslaw. Sping,TX. in London On The front counter was filthy. I didn't purchase anything and the neither did the person behind me. Anonymous PissedConsumer1928124 Sep 24 I always greeted my co-workers when I enter or left my job. She said she was sure she did. SORRY FOLKS, YOUR COMMERICAL IS NOT ABOUT POPEYES IN SUMTER. Thanks for posting that one, it made my day!!! We loved the buffet, now they are gone! THERE USED TO BE A POPEYES IN PITTSBURGH,PA. I noticed a paper sign on the drive-up order station stating that they will be opening at 11:00 am today. FOOD WAS COLD, DID NOT GET THE RANCH DRESSING, OUT OF TEA AND MANAGER WAS INVOLVED WITH A POTENTIAL EMPLOYEE ABOUT SOMETHING AND BEING VERY LOAD ABOUT IT. Located in inglewood, ca. Popeyes also known as Popeyes Chicken & Buistcuits is based in Atlanta and the company sets up, franchises, and operates a number of restaurants across different locations. we moved and started going going to the one on 6330 Troost ave kc MO 64131 FYI.

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